The Domain Investing Handbook

Now In Its 3rd Edition


About the book

You may have heard that Domain Investing is an easy way to make money while working from the comfort of your home. I'm here to tell you that it's not, in fact, most people that get started in the industry lose thousands of dollars buying worthless domains.

Now in its 3rd Edition, The Domain Investing Handbook has been updated for 2013 with more real world examples and case studies than ever before.

Praise for the book
Steve Deara
This is more than an eBook. It has become an investment that I reference on a daily basis. Use this before you waste time and money buying worthless domains.
Rick Winter
I received the book yesterday and almost finished it in a day. I am re-reading it again and will use it as I go forward. Nothing but great content.
Connie Harter
Morgan has created this step-by-step handbook to help you become a success in Domain Investing. His casual style makes you feel like he is sitting at your side as you enter his exciting world.
About the Author
Morgan started buying domain names in 2007 in an attempt to create another income stream outside of his day job. Three years later and he was making more money buying, selling, and monetizing domains than he was at work. Four years later and his domain business was bringing in more than twice his salary.

In late 2012 Morgan quit his day job and stepped away from his day-to-day duties at his domain company (Linton Investments) to pursue his dream of building an innovative technology startup with his wife, Daina. By creating a domain business, rather than a job for himself Linton Investments is running strong while Morgan spends his days (and nights) creating Fashion Metric. This book chronicles Morgan's journey and the lessons learned along the way going from a $500 month to a $50,000 month and everything in between.

Morgan believes that people learn more from mistakes and he made plenty of them when he built his business. He always wished there was a book filled with someone else's mistakes so he wouldn't have to make them himself. These are his mistakes, successes, and key lessons learned in building a six-figure domain name business.